Quick Tip: Boot Into MobileSubstrate Safe Mode

Sad iPodThe jailbreak has only been out for a little over 24 hours, so there’s undoubtedly a gigantic number of tweaks that have yet to be updated for the latest devices — or even iOS 6 itself, for that matter.

This can be a problem, because Cydia only sometimes tells you if your device is compatible with any given tweak. It’s pretty good about making sure you don’t spend money on a tweak that isn’t going to work, but what exactly happens if you install a free tweak that isn’t yet compatible?

Well, you’re not going to “brick” your device, and you’re not going to lose your jailbreak. Sometimes when a tweak doesn’t quite work, your device will boot into what’s called “safe mode,” allowing you to go back into Cydia and remove said tweak. But other times, your device will simply boot to the springboard and can cause some serious problems, sometimes not allowing you to get back into Cydia to resolve the problem.

That’s where today’s quick tip comes in! If you’ve jailbroken your device and you have MobileSubstrate installed (trust me, you do.) you can manually boot into safe mode. To do it, simply turn off your device (by holding the lock button and sliding the slider) or reset it manually. When booting back up, be sure to hold the up volume button. In the rare case that a tweak causes a problem and you can’t make it back into Cydia, keep this tip in mind!

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