Two Guys, Nine Apple Products

Can you spot all nine Apple products? (Source: Engadget).

Can you spot all nine Apple products? (Source: Engadget).

The new Netflix series House of Cards has been well received for the most part, although it has since come under the spotlight because of the seemingly high number of Apple products in this particular scene of the sixth episode above. If you look closely at the scene, which occurs at 31 minutes and 42 seconds, you’ll see that there are a whopping nine Apple products on the table for just two individuals. Four iPads and five iPhones is the official count.

According to Engadget, Apple simply sent the show a number of products to use. There was no money exchanged for any product placement, and the show was free to use the products on the show however they pleased. And the show wanted to return the favor by visibly displaying the products in this scene. The report adds that all the iPads and iPhones fit the storyline, as the characters borrowed the devices from colleagues while waiting on a particular event.


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