App Pack: Honor Student Edition

If you’re the student who bought every book that your professor said you would need, and if you don’t wait until the last possible minute to write your Western Civ essay, then these apps will be perfect for you.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Ahh, Blackboard. Some love it, some hate it, but almost every college uses it. It is an e-Classroom that houses all your assignments, grades, and nightmares. But, the Blackboard team has done an excellent job at creating an iPad app that works with the popular service, so you can finish that assignment that’s not due for two more weeks from anywhere. The application looks just like a -you guessed it- blackboard, and has most of the features of the full website. If you have an iPad and your school uses Blackboard, then give this free app a try. The only downside is that if your school hasn’t enabled Blackboard Mobile then the app won’t work, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Dropbox + Evernote

Both these services have been featured and raved about many times here, for obvious reason: They deserve it. Ever since adopting Dropbox on all my computers and gadgets, I haven’t lifted a single couch cushion looking for a flash drive. Evernote can save pictures, text, audio, and more into the cloud, and sync all of it to your iDevice. In college, you will be bouncing around different classrooms, some may have computers for you to use, some may not. But if one thing is certain, its that Dropbox and Evernote can be accessed from all of them. Use them.


If you never want to miss an assignment again, do yourself a favor and use iCal. I don’t just mean occasionally adding events to it willy-nilly, I mean turning your life over to it. Set up recurring events for your classes, look through your syllabus and class schedule and add the due dates for every assignment. But, this will only work if you sync it. Why? Because if you’re in class, and your professor gives a new assignment and you say to yourself, “I’ll add it later.” then the whole system crumbles. You won’t add it later, because you’ll forget. Trust me on this one, use Google Calendar as a middleman to sync all your gadgets and you’ll never forget to do anything.

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