Analyzing the Evasi0n Untethered Jailbreak

Analyzing the Evasi0n Jailbreak

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Evasi0n has been out for slightly less than a day at this point, but Braden Thomas over at AccuvantLabs have already taken the time to analyze the jailbreak from a more professional level. Specifically focusing on the userland components of the hack, Thomas offers a more in-depth look at the unique nature of just how Evasi0n works:

Evasi0n works in 3 stages that are described below.  All of the stages use functionality on the phone exposed by MobileBackup, the daemon used to backup user data from the device, and restore backups back to the device.  Since backups are created by the user’s device, and must be interchangeable between devices, they cannot be easily cryptographically signed, so they are essentially untrusted data.

The rest of the post is well worth a read for the technical minded, and is written so that it is fairly easy to understand without any prior experience in programming or computer science.

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