Don’t Forget to Donate to the Evad3rs

Jailbreak iFans

So you’re admiring that nice, shiny Cydia icon sitting on your device’s homescreen. You’ve just jailbroken! Perhaps for the first time, or maybe this isn’t your first rodeo, you are able to install applications and tweaks and themes, oh my!

This wasn’t an accident. Contrary to what you may have heard, these things take time – and work. Apparently, this particular program has been in development since October. That’s a lot of time to work on one program and one exploit that might be patched at any time by Apple, to work on something that may or may not yield any success.

While the past week or so has certainly given the Evad3rs teamĀ a significant amount of ad revenue from their website, take a minute or two to donate a dollar or so. The guys certainly deserve, but more importantly is that it reflects well on the jailbreak community as a whole.

The largest issue with the jailbreak community has often been cited as being the low amount of revenue available to be made. Developers want money – crazy, right? It’s almost like they have to live and eat and provide for a family! The jailbreak community has, historically, been fairly ripe with piracy. While piracy is certainly not dead, there is the potential to begin to change the minds of developers, and to help make Cydia a true alternative to the App Store for developers wishing to make some cold hard cash off of their creations.

So sacrifice a coffee and cough up a bit. You can find the link to donate to them in the FAQ section of the Evasi0n website.

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