Hey, iOS Chrome Users: Tweetbot Just Did Us a Favor

tweetbot chrome

I personally use Google Chrome on iOS – that much isn’t really a secret. It’s a great browser, and its tab management knocks the pants off of Apple’s Safari. Plus, the synchronization engine is flawless. Truly, it’s a fantastic browser and I’m glad to have it.

There is a downside to it, and sadly Google has absolutely no control over this particular facet of its program. iOS, since it relies on a less-extensive system of URL schemes for inter-app communication, is unable to provide users with the option of opening a link in any browser other than Safari, unless the developer of the app specifically puts the option in place.

Tweetbot, one of the best Twitter clients available for iOS, today received an update that does just that. Tweetbot 2.7 offers users a setting to use either Safari, Google Chrome, or 1Password (a popular and extremely well-done application for storing and managing passwords across platforms) as the default browser.

I use Twitter mainly as a system to find interesting links, so the browser is an integral part of how I use any Twitter client. With this simple update, Tweetbot just re-secured its place on my device.


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