Apple Takes Global Web Usage from Nokia as Google Chrome Grows on Mobile


While Apple may not lead Android in overall marketshare, some are quick to point out that the iPhone is far and away the leader in terms of overall web usage between the two platforms in almost every country. Apple today surged past Nokia, likely on strong Holiday sales, to become the leader in overall web usage on mobile devices. Nokia, popular in third-world countries nearing or going through industrialization held the crown thanks to its Symbian platform, which has now been phased out in favor of Windows Phone 8.

Nokia’s numbers dipped fairly drastically over the holidays, likely due to so many people replacing aging devices worldwide. According to this data set, Samsung also experienced a slight drop.

browser share

In related mobile browser news, it seems as if third-party browsers are beginning to take off on smartphone platforms. Particularly, Google Chrome seems to be ramping up, after an initial release for Android last year followed by its debut on iOS at Google I/O. Google Chrome is a favorite among those who consider themselves to be “power users,” mostly thanks to its intuitive use of a card metaphor for managing tabs, as well as deep integration and syncing with Google bookmarks. The performance of the browser is comparable to Apple’s stock Safari browser (though that performance can be improved in some cases by using this jailbreak tweak).

The stock Android browser fell slightly in January of 2013, though that could be due to many switching to Chrome or the Chrome betas. Safari is still far and away the leader, though, as it comes stock on all iOS devices. Frankly, Safari is still a fantastic browser for most. Internet Explorer also experienced growth, likely due to decent sales of flagship Windows Phone 8-based devices.

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