Evasi0n Causing Weather.App Issues For Some


Here’s a warning to those interested in jailbreaking their device today using Evasi0n, the latest and greatest jailbreak program: it appears that it is causing issues with Weather.app, Apple’s stock weather program.

The issues seem to vary from device to device, install to install, so it’s difficult to say what may happen. For starters, it seems as if the jailbreak enables the Weather app to be shown on the iPad – obviously not something that usually happens. MuscleNerd’s advice is as follows:

In addition, it seems that many iPhone and iPod touch users are reporting that the Weather.app, which is obviously included on their devices, is crashing upon being opened. Users in our forums make it seem as if the problem is affecting maybe 50% of those who have jailbroken their device – personally, Weather.app works fine.

The issue is likely a  moot point for many, as Weather.app is one of the first stock applications that are replaced by many. I highly recommend Check the Weather, if you are unable to use the Stock app..

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