App Pack: Slacker Edition

Classes are starting back up again, so it’s time hit the snooze and roll back over. If you’re constantly late for class and hanging on to your hopes of a diploma by a single letter, then these apps will help you get your grades up without sacrificing your much needed beauty sleep.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the only reason I passed Algebra my Freshman year. The app used to be $50, but they have since come to their senses and reduced it to just $1.99. If you haven’t tried out the website yet, you should. It can do conversions, tell you the volume of a dodecahedron, and give you the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Wolfram can basically solve any math problem and even shows you the individual steps. The free website is compatible with the iPhone, but the application makes using the service much more enjoyable. If you’re taking a math class next semester and are absolutely terrible with numbers, check out Wolfram Alpha.


What is a productive app like an audio recorder doing in a slacker’s app pack you ask? Well, the ability to record lectures is handy for both over-achievers and under-achievers. Just lay the iPhone on your desk, hit record, and take a nap. You’ll never have to worry about missing important tidbits of information because you can just play it back whenever you like. Retronyms $.99 recording app has a wide range of features not available in the default app, such as the ability to email short audio memos to someone, and sync recordings over WiFi. If you’re a heavy duty slacker, then this app will prove invaluable.

The Onion

Arguably the most hilarious parody site on the internet today, The Onion is an endless source of entertainment. The newspaper-like nature of the site makes it absolutely perfect for browsing during your boring government class, so your professor will never be the wiser. All the videos and articles look completely legitimate, so you may even get kudos if you get ‘caught’. The app has more than enough content to keep you busy until you get your Bachelors, and if you go to Ye Old University, the app offers offline access for up to 25 items. If you don’t already read The Onion, you should start.

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