Evasi0n Jailbreak Scheduled for Noon EST Release

evasi0n official logo

“Imminent” and “jailbreak” may be the two words of the week for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad community, but it seems at long last that we have a firm time based on the javascript powering status bar ofthe Evasi0n website.

Load up evasi0n.com and take a look at the status bar. Return in an hour or so, and you will find that it has moved up. This is because the status bar is a function of time, and that function will make the status bar reach 100% at noon Eastern Standard Time tomorrow.

It’s increasing at ~0.0091/min which would make the release Noon EST tomorrow. (You can see the exact value in the HTML code)

The above quote comes from Adam5400 on Reddit, who appears to be the first to have calculated the release date given the above formula. He is correct: viewing the source code in any browser does reveal the following code:


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