Apple to Have August iPod Touch Event?

It is rumored that Apple will be having a new product event during the 16th and 17th of August, focused on the fourth generation iPod Touch and bringing iOS 4 to the iPad. This is a month earlier than it has been in years past, but if the source is correct, then Apple is trying to separate the releases of its touchscreen and non touchscreen devices.

Apple has traditionally held events “music” (to present news related to iPod and iTunes Store) in September, but if our source is right, he can be brought forward this year. Unless, of course, Apple wants to separate the iPod touch (only iPod that runs IOS) from the rest of the line – leaving updates on classic iPods, nano and shuffle to the next month.

The source also predicts that the new iPod Touch will have a front facing and rear camera, along with a gyroscope in order for it to keep up with the new iPhone.


Thanks AppMan!

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