Evasi0n is 85% Complete

Evaders Black Logo Evad3rs Evasi0n JailbreakThe long-awaited “evasi0n” jailbreak is in all likelihood going to release today at some point, and progress continues on the supposed launch day as the jailbreak’s website was updated in the early morning hours to reflect that the “first major round of testing concluded¬†successfully.”

The site now also has a new read me section that reads as follows:

  • Backup your iOS device using iTunes or iCloud before using evasi0n. This way you are sure to never lose any data if something wrong happens.
  • Please disable the lock passcode of your iOS device before using evasi0n. It can cause issues.
  • Be patient while the jailbreaking process is running, don’t start iTunes or Xcode in the meanwhile. The best is to not touch the computer until the end of the jailbreaking process.

Stay tuned for updates and here’s hoping that Sunday is funday!

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