PSA: Beware of Fake Jailbreak Scams

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

All signs point to today being the day that a jailbreak for iOS 6 through iOS 6.1 is released. This is fantastic news for all involved: those wishing to jailbreak in order to further customize their device will finally be able to do so, the talented developers that opt to use Cydia instead of the App Store will finally see an increase in revenue, and the developers of said jailbreak – the “Evad3rs” – should see a pretty healthy sum of money in the form of donations and ads on their website.

Unfortunately, another party stands to see some monetary gain, as well. Scammers. Don’t fall for their (sometimes elaborate, often well-executed, always wrong) ploys: we’ve already seen a few that involve downloading a program, only to be told that there is a “fee” involved to actually jailbreak. That will never happen with an official, legitimate jailbreak. The current jailbreak teams create these programs under the idea that they should be free to use for everyone. Now, as security expert @i0n1c truthfully points out, there are ads on the website, as well as a donate link. Undoubtedly, a significant amount of revenue is generated from these.

evasi0n official logo

Regardless, the jailbreak itself does not directly cost money to use. Any jailbreak that does is not official, and could therefore have a negative impact on more than just your wallet: it isn’t unknown for a clever hacker to bundle a virus in to an unofficial jailbreak package for “teh lulz.”

Be aware that there is only one official URL for the jailbreak: That is it – anything else is false, and potentially a scam. There is only one evad3rs website: Currently, that website simply redirects to the only official Twitter account for the evad3rs: @evad3rs.

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