iPod Touch With Camera on eBay

There is currently an iPod Touch with a [nonfunctioning] camera on eBay. The seller claims that all it needs is a software update for the camera to work, but the chances of that happening are slim. The camera is dead center on the top of the rear of the device, which seems like unusual placement for Apple. It seem as though the device works normally, and is currently running iOS 3.1.3. It’s probably a prototype device that slipped out of a factory somewhere, and I doubt that any retail unit will┬áresemble┬áthis. Although, this isn’t the first time one of these have popped up.


In excelent condition with a very few signs of use in the back and the front almost brand new and the most exciting thing is the camera !!! that is just waiting for the software from apple that is going to be relased very soon to work.

The bidding is currently at $3,150, with slightly more than a day left. Anyone want to guess what it will sell for? (Assuming Apple doesn’t take down the auction.)


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