JailbreakMe.com Being Blocked by Apple Stores

Well we all knew it was coming. But Apple have now been forced into action. After the latest Jailbreak by Comex was released hardcore jailbreaking fans found a great new way to have fun. Going into the Apple retailers and jailbreaking the iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads on display.

Apple have now blocked this. When you try to visit the site you are redirected to Apple.com. Luckily MuscleNerd has already posted a tweet telling people how to keep on jailbreaking the in store devices.

All you need to do is, using a jailbroken iDevice, download and activate MyWi and use thats internet connection to create a WiFi network around the device that the test devices can connect to.

Is it over? No way.

Thanks Oliver Barker!

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