Siri Thinks the Patriots Are Going to Win the Super Bowl

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Update: Our own Megaorange has confirmed in the comments that if you specify the year as “2013,” Siri will indeed predict the 49ers to win.

Tomorrow’s the Super Bowl, but Siri’s still living in 2012. When prompted with the question of who is going to win tomorrow’s big game, Siri cleverly responds by saying she doesn’t “have the line of this one, but the Patriots have the better record.” For those of you that don’t remember, last year’s big contenders were the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

What’s even funnier though is the image below her response showing the results of the game. Siri not only is predicting last year’s game on the night before this year’s Super Bowl, but her prediction was also wrong as the results she provides show. The Patriots ended up losing 21 to 17.

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Siri doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to things we love about iOS. One of the biggest flaws of the feature is that it’s still in “beta,” which seems to be Apple’s excuse for ‘her’ downfalls. Siri is unpredictable and unreliable and in my humble opinion, she’s going to need a third-party API to one day be useful.  Will we see such a feature in iOS 7? ArsTechnica hopes so, and so do I. What do you think?

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