Core Rot at Apple

Core Rot at Apple


Having been a professional software engineer (C++, Java, assembly code, drivers, compression, encryption, threading, server code) for 25 years, and having used Macs since they first appeared back in the early 1980’s, I have a long and deep perspective on the evolution of Apple Mac OS X (now just “OS X”). I also have demanding professional needs, e.g., professional photography.

What I see happening with OS X is not pretty.

As iOS and iDevices continue to rise in popularity, Apple’s attention (and talent) is increasingly being put on projects relevant to those products. What’s being left out? The Mac, and OS X. This article gives clear, obvious evidence that OS X is slowly slipping out of its traditional position as the OS for users who need to get things done.

The article is itself is fairly damning, but I find myself as a Mac user agreeing with the points made.

OS X is obviously not as important as the iPhone, iPad, or iOS, but it is the OS that every developer wishing to make an app for those devices must use in order to do so. The issues mentioned – and others, frankly - need to be fixed, and soon. The file system itself is out of date in a major way.

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