Jailbreak Gems: What is the Best Task Switcher?


Those of you lucky enough to have devices that are vulnerable to previous, unpatchable exploits are also lucky enough to have access to tweaks and apps that are available on Cydia before the rest of us. I’m not complaining too much, given that everyone running iOS 6 will soon be able to jailbreak. When the rest of us are able to jailbreak, there will be the typical stampede to download the latest and greatest tweaks and hacks.

So, let’s start that list off right. Task switching is one of the most prominent areas that iOS is behind Android in. Android (and Windows Phone, and BB10, and almost every other OS) shows a preview of what is happening on the screen. iOS shows an icon. Almost every other mobile OS allows users to swipe running apps away. iOS requires users to tap and hold, and then to tap a tiny red “X” to close out of apps.


Let’s fix that. As of now, there are two notable task switcher replacements. First is Auxo: it’s new, it’s beautiful, and it’s fast. It may not be the most stable tweak yet, but active development means that it is definitely one of the best options.

The other notable tweak is MissionBoard, which predates Auxo. MissionBoard takes a different approach: rather than simply tweak the existing switching method as Auxo does, MissionBoard adopts a method that is more akin to what webOS debuted with.

Which do you find to be superior? Which meets your needs better? Is one more stable than the other? Is the price of one a turn-off? Sound off in the comments!

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