iOS 6.1 Passes 25% of iOS Market Share in Developers’ Logs


iOS 6.1 has been out for all of four days — not a very long time for the latest version of any mobile software to reach a quarter of the overall users of the platform. Yet, according to the developers behind Onswipe, a content management system dedicated to touch devices, they are seeing iOS 6.1 make up more than 25% of the iOS market. 

iOS 6.1 doesn’t include many new features, though it does include a plethora of bug fixes and under-the-hood rewrites. The fact that it isn’t a particularly user-facing update makes the numbers even more impressive. iOS has historically had a significant advantage in deploying updates – the lack of middle men like carriers helps tremendously.

Those who are jailbroken and don’t want to upgrade for fear of losing it may rest easy: iOS 6.1 will soon be jailbroken. It will be interesting to see if iOS 6′s marketshare jumps after the jailbreak is released.

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