Next-Gen iPad Expected to Share Design of iPad mini


While it can be hard to take some of the ridiculous claims that DigiTimes makes seriously sometimes, this latest rumor does make sense. According to the Taiwanese news website, the next-generation iPad — the full-sized 9.7-inch model — will adopt design qualities that originate from the iPad mini.

It just makes sense that Apple would give the next full-sized iPad the same look and feel as the iPhone 5, iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch. Apple has new display and adhesive technologies that allow for its consumer electronics to be thinner, lighter and stronger. And that’s just what the next iPad should be.

The release date of such iPad remains unknown, although it is widely expected that the tablet won’t launch until much later this year. After all, the refreshed fourth-generation iPad with a Lightning connector and faster processor was just made available last October. But, don’t rule anything out just yet. Apple always seems to have a curveball up its sleeves.


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