Apple Opens “Try Before You Buy” Section in the App Store

This isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds, but Apple has added a “Try Before You Buy” category to the App Store, possibly in attempt to reduce piracy. All the section does is highlight “lite” versions of apps, so there isn’t really anything new.

This may be a play to have a more Android-like store, where users are allowed to return apps within a 24 hour window. Of course, this would go against their entire philosophy, so I’d wager that the “Try Before You Buy” section has already reached its final form solely as a place to find free versions of apps.

In the ongoing battle against piracy, developers are willing to try nearly anything to keep their hard-earned money, but will Apple’s solution be effective? It’s possible, especially if more developers get onboard with creating lite versions of their applications. We’ll see.

[9 to 5 Mac]

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