How-To: Get Rid of Some of That Pesky “Other” Data

2013-02-02 15_02_32-PhoneClean - Free Up Space on iPhone & iPad - First iPhone Cleaner App for Windo

Some would say that the dreaded “Other” data that is apart of every iOS device has been the bane of our existence. Not only do we not get the full unpartitioned storage space that’s listed on the cover, but our iOS devices seem to have the need of caching everything it sees.

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Tonight, I was syncing my iPhone using iTunes (for the first time in months) and I saw that I had 1.25 GB of “Other” sitting there idly. I’m not new to iOS devices, but I have always just let it be — I figured that if Apple didn’t clean it up for me, maybe it wasn’t meant to be cleaned up.

But then I found a freeware app called “PhoneClean.”

Normally, I find myself very skeptical when downloading any kind of freeware program that advertises ”cleaning.” Rightfully so, because most “registry cleaners” and similar software will likely cause more problems than they solve. Luckily, that wasn’t the case with PhoneClean.

The app is from a company called iMobile and they make a variety of utilities for transferring data to and from your iOS devices. Most of their software costs money, but PhoneClean is completely free of charge. You can find it here.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, the steps to use it are extremely straightforward. Make sure you have your iOS device plugged in and begin the scan. Once it has started, you will see a window much like the one below. The app is analyzing your device for “Temp and Junk Files,” “Cache and Off-line Files,” ” Cookie and Script Files,”  and “Sync-failed Media Files.”

2013-01-31 20_43_54-PhoneClean

After the app has analyzed your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it will then remove any files it deems are unnecessary. Depending on how long your device has gone without a clean and when the last time you synced was, you will likely see that the app has removed anywhere from 300 MB to 1 GB of space. The app found 393 MB worth of cached files that weren’t needed.

2013-01-31 20_49_00-PhoneClean

Pressing the arrow to the right will let you see which app specifically is caching files and how much space they are using. For me personally, TweetBot was the biggest culprit with over 200 MB of cached files (probably profile pictures). Sadly, in my case, the clean process actually broke TweetBot and it couldn’t figure out how to re-download the profile pictures that it had previously cached. I quick re-download of the app fixed the problem.

That said, this app may not be for everyone. But it’s definitely worth using at least to see which apps are causing the amount of space in “other” to be so high. If it’s a game for instance, you may decide you don’t need said game in favor of more space for music.

Whatever the case, I did notice about 400 MB less space allocated to “other” after the clean. Give PhoneClean a try yourself and let us know how it works for you!

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