Gabe Newell, Co-Founder of Valve, Sees Apple as Main Competition to Steam Box


Gabe Newell, gamer extraordinaire and one of the most influential men in the gaming industry, shared some thoughts regarding his company’s upcoming Steam Box (and ensuing Steam Box platform) and its position in the market. In his interview with Polygon, Newell stated that the competition that his company, and others that decided to incorporate Steam into their own products, will face will likely come not from traditional consoles, but from Apple:

“The threat right now is that Apple has gained a huge amount of market share, and has a relatively obvious pathway towards entering the living room with their platform,” Newell said. “I think that there’s a scenario where we see sort of a dumbed down living room platform emerging — I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily. The question is can we make enough progress in the PC space to establish ourselves there, and also figure out better ways of addressing mobile before Apple takes over the living room?”

Fairly bold words, but it is true. Apple has a settop box (Apple TV). Apple has devices that are easily portable, one of which has a connection to the internet at virtually all times. Apple has a large tablet, and a smaller tablet. Newell is obviously speculating, but it makes sense to assume that Apple could use these puzzle pieces to create a competitive product offering. In a perfect world, that offering could also pose a serious threat to any company wishing to enter the living room.

Of course, that’s assuming that Apple is able to execute on such an idea. Will they? Only time will tell, but maybe that updated Apple TV does show Apple is at least planning ahead.


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