Developer Creates Mockup of 5 Inch iPhone “Plus”

iphone plus-and-samsung-extrawide

Marco Arment, the developer behind The Magazine and Instapaper, took some time to create a scale mockup of what a 5-inch iPhone could potentially be. The iPhone Plus has been rumored by suppliers and other sources for at least a month now, though these are the first mockups that make the product seem as if it could potentially exist.

First, it is important to note that the iPhone Plus (as the rumored device has been dubbed) would be in the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the iPhone 5. The actual screen size would be 4.94 inches – just shy of 5 inches, and larger than current devices like the HTC One X, Nexus 4, and Samsung Galaxy S III.

The mockup literally takes the iPhone 5 and scales it to the appropriate size. Arment does note that a final product would likely feature smaller bezels in order to make the device look and feel smaller than it actually is. Such techniques are already used by other handset manufacturers.

Since it would presumably keep the same 640 × 1136 resolution, the DPI of the display would be equivalent to that of a retina iPad – 264 DPI. That is rather low, especially for a phone, which would mean that individual pixels would likely be noticeable. However, as many have said in the past, Apple’s “retina” display also refers to the color production and quality of the panel itself, and that the actual resolution is merely one piece (albeit an important one) of the whole package.

Based on Arment’s mockups and reasoning, would you be interested in such a device? Or does iOS in its current form belong on a smaller display?


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