ZodTTD Working on N64 Emulator for iOS


Jailbreak developer ZodTTD has been creating various console emulators for iOS since the earliest days of the jailbreaking community, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In a recent tweet, ZodTTD confirmed that he is continuing work on his N64 emulator for jailbroken iOS devices. The emulator has had its fair share of bugs and unplayable games since its original release on Cydia, so I imagine ZodTTD will be working on rectifying those issues. 

If you were involved with the jailbreak scene in its beginnings, you probably recognize ZodTTD as the creator of emulators for Gameboy Advance, PlayStation One, original NES, Sega Genesis and many other legacy game consoles. These emulators were especially fun prior to the introduction of the App Store on iOS devices, but are still really fun to play in spare time. And, perhaps best of all, the emulators have a touch of nostalgia to boot.


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