Next Gen iPod Touch Parts Leaked, Again.

Either a certain case company needs a new R&D department, or someone went through a lot of trouble to fake an LCD. Once again, pictures of a front assembly for the next generation iPod Touch have surfaced. The parts have an April 29th time stamp, so they are pretty recent.

This shows a hole for a forward facing camera (although this doesn’t mean it won’t have a rear camera) and apart from that it is business as usual. There is still no word on the internals, but keep your fingers crossed for an A4 CPU so it won’t be left in the iPhone 4′s dust.

What would you rather have, a low quality front camera with FaceTime support, or a high quality rear camera? If Apple is trying to keep the cost low, it is unlikely that it will have both, but it should only be another month until we find out the truth.


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