Microsoft Surface Shipments Total Just 900,000

Blue Microsoft Surface

It has been estimated for several months now that early Microsoft Surface sales would be rather bleak in comparison to other tablet competitors, namely the iPad. And now, the proof is in the numbers.

Research firm IDC has just released market share data for tablets during the fourth quarter, in which it determined that Microsoft shipped just 900,000 Surface tablets last quarter.

The bad news wasn’t just limited to Microsoft, however, as Apple also saw the dominant market share of its iPad decline in the fourth quarter. The iPad now has 43.7 percent market share, compared to 51.7 percent year-over-year.

Apple sold a record-breaking 22.9 million iPads during the fourth quarter, but saw increased competition from Android tablets, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and, to a much lesser extent, the Microsoft Surface.

Much like the smartphone industry, the tablet space has been heating up since Apple broke into the market with the iPad. For the corporation, this means more competition. For the consumer, this means more choices.


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