Next Generation iPod touch Revealed by Casemaker?

Around a month before the rumored (and all but confirmed) fall iPod event, a mockup of the next iPod touch has been revealed by a casemaker.

The mockup shows a camera on the back, which seems to confirm the many rumors swirling around. However, the overall design remains the same, with the big exception being the omission of the rounded plastic that allows the Bluetooth and WiFi radios to perform better. The front shows iOS 3, instead of the new iOS 4. As the story goes, some large, special, and lucky case manufacturers allegedly gain early access to iPod models. This allows them to begin preparing cases before the public can buy the iPod. Of course, being able to preview the new iPod models also gets you a strict NDA, and the potential for a lawsuit if it’s broken.  So there is always the possibility that this could be true; just realize that this is only a mockup.

On the other hand, I think that it could very possibly be fake. It reminds me of the prototypes that were leaked before last year’s press event. Also, the presence of iOS 3, instead of the newer iOS 4, would seem to indicate that this is based on the older prototype models. Adding to the stack of reasons I believe this is fake, Apple has shown a desire to make some drastic changes in the overall design of at least the iPhone. I think that at least some of the changes the iPhone 4 received will make it into the next iPod touch, perhaps making the new product more resemble the first generation, instead of the second or third.

Either way, this brings up a good discussion-creating question: Will the iPod touch G4 (or 4G, or fourth generation) have a makeover like the iPhone 4, or will a camera be thrown on, the screen updated, and an Apple A4 slapped in? Sound off in the comments!


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