5 Alternatives to Stock iOS Apps That You Must Try


If you have been using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over the past few years, and have decided to upgrade to a newer version of iOS, you might realize that there is a collection of familiar apps on your device. There is nothing really new to familiarize yourself with, outside of Passbook perhaps. If you are tired of Apple’s stock Apps on iOS, or simply interested in exploring alternatives for fun, there fortunately are better options out there. 



Camera+, a powerful camera app, was one application I found myself using more and more as an alternative to the stock iOS camera app. You have more control over exposure, focus, flash, and you can even edit photos from the app.

You can also go into advanced options and shoot bursts, set timers, and add additional image stabilization. The app costs 99 cents from the App Store, but it is worth every cent, as it transforms your device from a good camera into a great camera.



I never really envisioned myself using or liking Evernote, but I decided to give it a go. Evernote was not as straightforward as Apple’s note-taking application, but there were hardly any limitations. I can now add headers.

I can also bold, italicize, and underline text effortlessly. Compared to my experience with the stock Notes application on iOS, Evernote almost immediately sent the Notes application into the folder I have filled with useless stock iOS apps. Evernote is free from the App Store.

Weather Underground

Weather UndergroundWith technology advancing so rapidly these days, how cool would it be to see your weather forecast with radar and satellite imagery? You can replace your Weather app with a much better experience. Weather Underground replaced my Weather app today.

It is not limited to any country, and the only downside is that it does have ads. Weather Underground is a free app on the App Store, but it does have ads. Even with the presence of ads, I highly recommend using this app over the stock Weather app on iOS. Especially if your stock weather app still crashes after jailbreaking.



I have been getting bored of the stock mail app on iOS. The best alternative I have found is Sparrow, a powerful mail app.

Swiping left and right to see the various options was pretty intuitive, and I found myself having fun looking at my mail on my iOS device.

Sparrow costs $2.99 on the App Store. With that high price tag, you could easily go and buy something like Auxo if you are into jailbreaking, but the features in Sparrow justify the price.

Atomic Web Browser

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 8.51.41 PM

Everybody has a favorite alternative browser to Safari. Whether that be Chrome, Opera Mini, or Dolphin, I can promise that you will like the Atomic Web Browser by RichTech.

I have been using Atomic as an alternative to Opera Mini, and I find that the former to be slightly faster than the latter. I really enjoyed that I can make the browser different colors, too. The Atomic Web Browser costs $1.99 on the App Store, but there is a lite version for you to try out first.

These are a few really nice alternatives for stock iOS apps. Do you use any of these apps? What are your favorite stock iOS alternatives?

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