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SwitchEasy has come up with their standard line of cases; the Nude, Colors, and Rebel Touch are minimalistic, fun, and protective respectively. A case exists for every need of every person. Continuing on with the new iPod Touch, SwitchEasy offers two cases at this time: the Nude and Colors. The Nude is their extra-thin, carbon-based case that offers good coverage on the Touch. 

In the Box

  • SwitchEasy Nude
  • Headphone Jack Plugs (2)
  • Dock Plugs (2)
  • Screen Protectors (2)
  • Polishing Cloth



The case is available in two types of finishes, gloss or matte. Gloss offers black, white or clear while the matted colorings come in black, yellow, pink and red. The ones pictured in this review is the black matted model. The case has very minimalistic design aspects to it offering a solid, uniform color throughout with the SwitchEasy logo placed on the right side of the device.


Accessibility to the camera and loop are provided and function very well. The camera’s protrusion is removed, rather it sits flush when the case is installed. Although the loop has easy, and quick access, when the loop is attached, it protrudes a little outside the case sending you back to square one.


As stated, the case is very barebones, so it tries to not really be noticeable. That said, the case is very thin, and doesn’t protrude onto the front screen at all, rather gently clasps and grips around the sides of the touch. The front glass sits flush with the edges of the case. This is great for aesthetics, for protection, it may not be.


Design: ★★★★


This case does offer some protection for your device. The outer shell will protect your iPod from scratches, and small impacts. That’s about all the protection you’ll get through from the case alone. On the positive side though, the buttons will remain covered by the case as well.


Additionally, the Nude comes with 2 sets of matching fillers for the docking ports and headphone jacks. It comes with two of each matching the color of your case. This allows you to have your docking ports, and headphone jack protected while they aren’t in use. There are also holes for the speaker.


Screen protection comes in the form of a screen protector. Although they aren’t top of the line, they will protect your screen from scratches. However, since the case sits flush, the screen may not be fully protected from impacts. Still though, it’s still nice to have the screen protectors included.


Protection: ★★★★


The case comes in around 20 dollars, a little on the cheaper side for cases. Though it’s not going to satisfy the person who wants full-on protection, it’s a very sleek and stylish case that hides itself very nicely when matched up color wise. I do wish that SwitchEasy attached the dock port and headphone jack plugs to the case as they seem very easy to lose. The other gripe I had was that the power button wasn’t always responsive. Overall though, this case is worth the price seeing what it offers in terms of design and little extras.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

The SwitchEasy Nude is actually a very nice case that practically disappears when you put it on. The minimalistic design fits to Apple’s aesthetic very well while providing ample protection everywhere as your device is covered all around by this case. It’s not the strongest around, but looks beautiful, and feels feather light.

I’d like to thank SwitchEasy for the product sample.

Overall Score


SwitchEasy Nude

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