Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro Has Less Free Space Than a 32GB iPad

Blue Microsoft Surface

If you were actually planning on purchasing a new Surface Pro when the tablet goes on sale in a few weeks, you might want to reconsider. Microsoft has confirmed today that its 128GB Surface Pro has only 83GB of free space, while the 64GB model has just 23GB available storage. 

“The 128 GB version of Surface Pro has 83 GB of free storage out of the box. The 64GB version of Surface Pro has 23GB of free storage out of the box. Of course, Surface Pro has a USB 3.0 port for connectivity with almost limitless storage options, including external hard drives and USB flash drives.

The rest, you ask? Allotted to Windows 8 system files and preloaded apps.

If the steep price of $900 — or higher — wasn’t already enough to make you think otherwise about the upcoming Surface Pro, these constrained storage amounts might be the deciding factor in choosing to purchase an iPad or other tablet instead. iOS takes up just a few gigabytes on the iPad.

Microsoft, in addition to touting the Surface Pro’s USB 3.0 port, notes that the tablet comes preloaded with SkyDrive — which features 7GB in free cloud storage — and has a microSDXC card for expandable storage. Simply not enough to satisfy this user.

This same situation was hotly debated when Microsoft released the Surface running Windows RT in late October. It was discovered that a 32GB Surface had just half — 16GB — of its advertised capacity.


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