More Reflective Effects Added in iOS 6.1


Remember how Apple added a seemingly “reflective” volume nob in iOS 6? Well, as I mentioned yesterday, the company has also added that very same knob to the lock screen music controls. That’s not all, though, because it has now been discovered that Apple has gone one step further, adding their “fit and finish” to another part of the new lock screen interface.

On the lock screen music interface there is a small dividing line between the volume nob control and the typical play, forward and back buttons. I, like many, have questioned exactly what purpose this thin line serves. It was never present in previous versions of iOS, so why add a divider now?

That said, Apple didn’t just make it any old dividing line. They took it one step further and applied the same reflection-like effect that was added to the volume knob in iOS 6. As seen in the animation above, the line’s glow will shift from left to right depending on how you hold your device — give it a try!

Update: As our own Jesse402 has kindly pointed out, the lines in are “reflective” as well.

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