Jailbreak Features New “Pre-Primed” Version of Cydia to Cut Down on Server Use


With the upcoming iOS 6.1 jailbreak shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases of all time, many have turned their attention to the package manager that enables the thousands of developers to offer their work to the millions of jailbreakers. Cydia has, in the past, been seen as something of a bottleneck for a week or so after a new jailbreak is released. Due to the large amount of data that it has to refresh upon being opened for the first time, the backend servers get hammered.

That’s obviously a problem: new jailbreakers often don’t realize that the issue isn’t on their end, and simply resort to panic. Believing that they have seriously messed up their iDevice, they don’t take the time to find out that the issue isn’t with them at all, and so restore their iDevice in a flurry of adrenaline-fueled consternation.

That shouldn’t, if all goes to plan, be a common occurrence.


Detailed by Saurik – the man behind Cydia – onĀ Reddit, he explains that this new jailbreak will include a more recent version of Cydia that doesn’t require a massive initial update:

planetbeing said he would finally deploy my “pre-primed Cydia” proposal, so when you open Cydia immediately after the jailbreak it will already have a package catalog from all of the default repositories, and will not need to do a full refresh cycle (which is what really pummels the repositories during new jailbreaks): it will only need to grab the diffs.

Good news for everyone planning on jailbreaking. It’s also likely that the servers which power Cydia are being beefed up in anticipation of the deluge of users and downloads which will most assuredly occur.

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