Slightly Smaller Apple TV Passes Through the FCC


Here’s a rather interesting piece of news: it seems as if Apple is on the verge of releasing a new model of the Apple TV. An updated version today hit the FCC – the American governmental body charged with certifying electronics for use in the United States – and included a slightly smaller design. The difference is tiny: 93.78 square millimeters, as compared to the 98 square millimeters of the second- and third-generation models.

Yesterday,¬†MacRumors noted¬†that iOS 6.1 contains support for an unannounced version of Apple’s settop box. The internals of the device are likely based on Apple’s latest A6 chip, which boasts a design that drastically cuts down on power consumption and heat production. That would make for an even more powerful device, while allowing it to continue to be silent.

apple tv

It goes without saying that the software is likely what many hope will see the most change: while the Apple TV runs a reskinned fork of iOS, the level of functionality is low compared to competitors. Apple has yet to unlock the device and turn it in to a true living room computer that could access apps and other media features.

It’s also unclear when this update will be released: Apple has historically tacked the Apple TV updates on to iPad keynotes. However, with today’s announcement of the 128 GB iPad, most aren’t expecting to see an update to that line until later in the year.

Could this mean that an event dedicated to the television space is around the corner? That’s definitely possible – but still, don’t get your hopes up.

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