500px App Makes a Triumphant Return to the App Store


500px, the app in the center of some recent controversy regarding Apple’s policies, has been readmitted to the App Store after being pulled due to making it possible for users to access pornography.

The app was pulled after 500px – one of the most popular websites for photographers on the internet – submitted an update. Ironically, that update actually made it harder to access pornographic content than in previous versions, but that didn’t seem to stop Apple from putting the brakes on the entire app. It was promptly pulled.

It has, as of today, been put back up for download, albeit under a “17+” tag, citing “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity” as the reason. You, dear reader, can be the judge of whether that tag is warranted: the app is available for free, and some of the best examples of the art of photography are available within it. Yes, there is the ability to access pornographic content, but as mentioned in an earlier article, that issue is inherent in the internet itself.

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