Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia – Part Four

Another week has passed, and that means that it’s time to show you the next top 5 hidden tweaks on Cydia.  And not a moment too soon, because the iOS 6.1 jailbreak could be dropping as early as today.  So if you’re in the business of trying out some new tweaks for that new soon-to-be jailbroken iPhone 5, then check out this week’s “Unmentioned” series.  Hit the link for the full roundup!


Ryan Petrich| BigBoss Repo | Free

SwipeBack is a jailbreak tweak that does nothing more than provide a simple gesture in returning to a previous page by swiping your finger on either side of your device.  Rather than having to press the “back” button of every app, you now have the option of swiping the app, making the process feel a bit more native.  Also, another bonus feature of this tweak is that it will let you go back a page on Safari making it more convenient to browse the web.  If you find this feature annoying, don’t worry as you can disable this on the settings.



c0d3 | BigBoss Repo | Free

If you are in the process of looking into a little more customization, then perhaps take a look at ColoredKnob.  ColoredKnob is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to simply change the appearance of the slider on the lockscreen.  For the time being, it lets you change the slider to 9 solid colors and 1 unique “lock” slider.  Other options include having the ability to make the slider longer, which only increases the size by about 10%. The tweak also brings the ability of randomizing the color every time you lock and unlock your device.  Even though the tweak is quite simple, it definitely feels native to iOS and is well worth downloading!


Color Keyboard

Yoo Seung Kim | BigBoss Repo | $1.99

What if you had the opportunity to change the color and style of your keyboard with ease?  That is exactly what Color Keyboard aims to do!  This tweak allows you to change not only the color of your keyboard, but the style as well!  As seen from above, there are themes which depict a Windows Phone 7 style keyboard and a MacBook Air keyboard.  Initially, when you download this, it will come with a plethora of themes for you to choose from, ranging from solid colors to textured ones as well.  Not only this, it also has a theme gallery section where you will be able to download more of the community’s greatest work.  This is a must have if you plan to show your customized jailbroken device!




SuperDev | BigBoss Repo | Free

Accelerate, the predecessor to ClockWind, makes a return to iOS 6 which accelerates core iOS animations.  This tweak can be considered a ‘fake’ enhancement to iOS, which deceives its users into believing that it speeds up their device.  Over on the settings panel, it includes the options to slow down, speed up, and disable the tweak in certain animation elements of iOS.  This tweak certainly made me feel as if my device was faster than the iPhone 5!



Ryan Petrich | BigBoss Repo | Free

Ryan Petrich, a well-respected jailbreak developer, no doubt develops some of the most quality tweaks out there.  Most known for Activator and other tweaks, Ryan Petrich has developed another tweak named Activoice.  With Activoice, any device can have the functionality of bringing up Google’s own voice search assisstant, Google Now, with a simple activator action.  With Google Now, you are able to speak your text and search the web with ease making this tweak invaluable.  You can think of Google’s assistant as a Siri alternative and rival.

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And that, my fellow readers, concludes another segment of “Unmentioned: The Best of Cydia.”  Be sure to tune in next week and leave a comment in the forums!

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