Jailbreak to Improve Google Chrome’s Performance with Nitrous


Google Chrome on iOS is fast and smooth, but it lags behind Safari in a rather crucial department. Of course, that isn’t because of a choice by Google: instead, it’s more of a limitation within iOS itself.

Apple includes the Nitro javascript engine with Safari, and that alone helps to keep Safari one of – if not the – fastest mobile browsers available. This engine helps to speed up various aspects seen in every day browsing, but it isn’t available to any other implementation of webkit: not in UIWebkit, and so therefore not in Google Chrome or any other browser.

But again, this is an area where a jailbreak can actively improve an aspect of iOS. By installing Nitrous, a popular tweak that is compatible with iOS 6 and is being actively updated so that support for iOS 6.1 is all but guaranteed, any app can access and make use of this faster javascript engine. Having that installed should dramatically improve both load times and performance in scrolling on certain websites that make use of heavy javascript implementations.

The jailbreak for the recently-released iOS 6.1 is expected as soon as this coming Sunday.

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