TinyUmbrella Updated for iOS 6.1 Compatibility


iOS 6.1 is out, a new jailbreak is on its way, and that means that the various jailbreak tools will be receiving updates soon. TinyUmbrella – the program used to save SHSH blogs in order to restore to a jailbreakable firmware in the future for certain devices – is ahead of the curve, as developer notcom has already released an update that ensures compatibility with iOS 6.1.

As of this writing, there are some issues plaguing the current version of the program that he is actively working on fixing, so it may be wise to keep an eye on updates if you already have the program:

Still, expect notcom to quickly resolve the issues: he’s one of the most talented developers in the iPhone hacking community.

TinyUmbrella is an integral part of the jailbreak community, as it allows for the saving and reusing of SHSH blobs, which is how Apple signs firmwares. Saving blobs enables users to quickly and conveniently restore to a firmware version that is no longer being signed by Apple, often in order to jailbreak a device.

For a more in-depth look at SHSH blobs and TinyUmbrella, check out this previous Inside iOS piece:

SHSH blobs are something that have become pretty important in the past months as jailbreaks start requiring them. One thing they haven’t become, though, is easier to use. They are still an enigma to many inexperienced and newer iOS jailbreakers. Fear not, brave souls; we have you covered!


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