SimCity Beta Gives a Tip O’ the Hat to the Late Steve Jobs

Sim City Steve Jobs

Chalk this up to being mildly interesting: SimCity, a game that recently debuted for a weekend beta before a full release, includes a shot of a man on a stage decked out in a black turtleneck, jeans, and what appears to be some brand of white tennis shoes – potentially Nikes.

Sound familiar? It should: that attire is identical to what Steve Jobs would wear when unveiling a product or service from Apple. 

The relationship between EA, the publisher of SimCity, and Apple is unknown, so this acknowledgement does seem somewhat random. Of course, Steve Jobs was a driving force behind iOS, which is a platform that EA has used to help drive its financial situation of strength with ports of its popular titles.

It’s a rather fun reference all the same, so good on the developers for including such an Easter egg. SimCity is slated to be released to various platforms – including iOS – on March 5, though various beta testers are already playing the game (so much so that server space is reportedly very tight, and actually getting in to the game is almost impossible, even for testers).


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