Reminder: New Lock Screen Music Controls in iOS 6.1

screen-shot-2012-11-01-at-5-26-10-pmThere are a few under-the-hood features coming to iOS 6.1, but one of the most exciting things that you can get right now via the iOS 6.1 update is a slightly refreshed lock screen music control interface. With iOS 6.0 came a refreshed interface, and that same crisp and metallic interface is now represented on the lock screen.

Is this a sign of a metallic, aluminum interface possibly coming in iOS 7? With Jony Ive at the head of all hardware and software human interfaces, it appears this may be the case. There has been no hint from Apple up to this point, though, and your guess is as good as mine. Wondering what a skeuomorphic-free iOS would like? Check out these all-aluminum mock-ups.

If you haven’t already, go grab the iOS 6.1 update and get ready for this Sunday. That said, make sure you follow our upgrade path guide to ensure you have no problems this weekend.


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