Cydia Tweak: TweetAmplius

Do you ever find yourself writing a long tweet on Twitter, only to find out that you have exceeded the maximum character limit?  Do you consider yourself a Twitter devotee? If any of this applies to you, then TweetAmplius — a new jailbreak tweak by Ariel Aouizerate and Daniel Ferreira — may be just the right tweak! Read on for a full explanation!

TweetAmplius, in Latin, literally means “longer tweets.” With that in mind, this tweak will allow you to override Twitter’s infamous 140 character limit that was set in stone at Twitter’s launch. Also, as an added bonus, this tweak will let you override the limit on direct messages as well.

As stated in the tweak’s description, this will only work with Twitter’s official app on version 5.x, while Tweetbot is also supported on version 2.6.2. However, other 3rd party Twitter clients may be included in a future update.


If all of this sounds a little too good to be true, then you are partially correct. While it does override the restricted 140 character limit, a portion of your tweet will not be shown on Twitter, but will be replaced by a link to where your full tweet awaits. However, on a positive note, the process is automatic and the tweak does enable you to tweet using the official Twitter client. With this being said, it may not be the perfect tweak, but it is rather convenient. In the meantime, send a tweet to @touchfans to test it out!

You can find TweetAmplius on Cydia for free on the BigBoss Repo. What are your thoughts? Make sure to leave a comment on the forums!

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