iPad Could Be First iOS Device to Feature 128GB Storage


Apple is prepared to launch a new iPad model, reports the often-credible Mark Gurman for Apple rumor mill 9to5Mac. According to Gurman, the upcoming iPad will be a fourth-generation model, available in both white and black colors and Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus cellular options.

Gurman suggests that the recent discovery of 128GB system partition keys in iOS 6.1 means that speculation would naturally point towards a 128GB iPad, but does note that there is not enough evidence to make that claim outright. But, ultimately, he does feel strongly about the correlation. 

iPad 128GB SKUs

There is no pricing information available yet, but Gurman does have SKUs for the new iPad from a high-profile U.S. retailer. The SKU descriptions reveal that this upcoming iPad could have the word “Ultimate” attached to it, likely to signify its much larger internal storage capacity over other iPads.

iPad-Mini-Front1As always, Gurman makes sure to back up his rumors with some possible alternative situations that could arise. For instance, these new iPad SKUs could be limited to specific government agencies or internal use, rather than intended for a public release.

On a related note, Gurman adds that he has not heard anything about Apple working on a new iPad mini model. The smaller iPad just launched last October to much fanfare, despite many pundits claiming that it was merely a smaller, less powerful iPad.


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