Dell Dude Now Uses A Macbook

dell-dudeLong before the famous Mac vs PC TV campaign that reintroduced Apple’s Mac branding into the mainstream, there was the Dell Dude that did much the same for Dell.

At the turn of the millennium, Dell was beginning to dominate the PC market. They launched a TV campaign that put Dell PCs into the mainstream. Dell hired Ben Curtis to play the role of Steven for their TV commercials to market Dell desktop PCs and laptops. The  commercials were so popular that people refer to Steven as the Dell Dude. The TV commercials also put Ben Curtis, a young student actor, into the limelight and did him much fortune.

Fast forward to today, Dell is in much trouble as fierce competition from Asian manufacturers and the decline in the PC market begin to take a toll. With the recent talks of Dell going private, many wonder what the future for Dell will be.

A blast from the past from none other than the original Dell Dude, Ben Curtis, has a tip for Dell. He wants Dell to hire him back to save Dell from the brink of demise. Of course he was only joking, but who knows. If Dell is to ever get desperate, the idea could be interesting. Ben still has a Dell desktop, but he now uses an Apple Macbook.

Watch the video interview of Ben on Bloomberg TV earlier in the week:

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