Chronic Dev Team “Aren’t Going Anywhere Just Yet”

Earlier this week, it was brought to our attention that the Chronic Dev Team had finally shut down after a good, long 3 years.  They have been dedicated in providing the community with constant free jailbreaks, including the relatively recent ‘corona’ untether for iOS 5.1.1.  And today, unlike what most have assumed since the announcement of the “evad3rs“, they have announced that their role in the jailbreaking community is yet to be finished. The Chronic Dev Team posted the tweet above stating that they “aren’t going anywhere just yet.

Currently, the Chronic Dev Team is composed of @p0sixninjaninja, @pod2g, @pimskeks, and other members who have faithfully stuck around since 2009.  But as time passes by, this team has slowly been disbanding, and most of its members have gone their separate ways.  Most notably is the recent group formed by @planetbeing, @pimskeks, @pod2g, and @MuscleNerd.

If you haven’t heard, @evad3rs is the name of a new jailbreak dev team created by former Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev-Team members. It is speculated that they may hold the key to an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak as they have shown to have multiple exploits. In all likelihood, said jailbreak will be coming soon, but we will have to wait until Apple releases a finalized version of iOS 6.1.

As of right now, it is unclear what work is still left to be finished by the Chronic Dev Team, but we at iFans pay them the utmost respect and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors!

Thanks darkassassin for the tip!


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