Apple Dropped Chinese Supplier Amid Child Labor Abuse

Apple Factory

For years, Apple has tried to ensure that its products were being built by employees that were receiving “fair” pay, and were of legal age. These initiatives have been met with success: late last month, The New York Times found that conditions were indeed noticeably improving in the factories they visited.

The process is still a work-in-progress: Apple today published their annual Supplier Responsibility Report, which stated that a parts supplier was fired due to their use of child labor. The report notes that there was evidence that 74 of the workers in this particular factory, Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics Co., Ltd, were underage.

The report goes on to state that Apple’s ties with the company were severed because of this violation.

Also mentioned are various other achievements that Apple feels show an impressive commitment to supply chain responsibility. There are plenty of statistics and facts that does paint a vastly improved picture of Apple’s suppliers than in previous years.

[Apple via MacRumors]

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