The Chronic Dev Team Is No More


Update: Reports of the Chronic Dev Team’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

As its various members have slowly fallen off the jailbreak development bandwagon, p0sixninja today tweeted the following regarding the Chronic Dev Team:

P0sixninja (a.k.a. Josh Hill) actually left the Chronic Dev Team in July of last year, though it seems as if he was privy to the fact that the team has basically been disbanded as its members slowly went on with their lives.

Yet, a jailbreak seems imminent. Yesterday, pod2g announced that a new jailbreak development team had been formed. Calling itself the “Evad3rs,” the team seems to already have a jailbreak ready for iOS 6.1.

The Chronic Dev Team was one of the leading development teams for years. They released jailbreaks  and other tools that helped the community time and time again. While their work will certainly be missed, it seems that they have left the community in good hands. We here at iFans wish them nothing but the absolute best in life, and thank them for their years of hard work and dedication to the jailbreak community.

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