Check Out This iTunes MiniPlayer Concept

2013-01-25 16_28_02-Sentry teases video for upcoming ‘iOS MiniPlayer’ tweak

From the developer of famous jailbreak tweak Auxo comes a new concept video — this time of a clever iTunes MiniPlayer tweak that is purportedly “coming soon.” Known on as “Sentry” in the jailbreak community, this developer is also responsible for some of the most popular iOS concept videos on YouTube.

I encourage you to watch the video (after the break) for yourself, but the idea is essentially a widget-like interface that you can pull out from the side of your device to gain access to a simple iTunes controller not unlike the mini player we all know and love from iTunes.

According to the video description, the tweak is not only a concept, but a work in progress. Sentry is working with @Sirifl0w and @SmartviperE75 to release the tweak on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch “soon.”

Your music controls, all the way back to the early days of iOS have been hidden behind a “double tap the home button” gesture. Before the days of iOS multitasking, a double tap of the home button brought up your music controls. Now, however, you must both double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking bar as well as swipe right to show the actual controls.

This tweak abolishes all of these ideas and brings your music control center to the forefront of your device. Based on the video, we can infer that whenever music is playing a small white tab will be located along the right-hand side of the screen — it can be pulled out, as well as adjusted up and down to fit your needs. And it has “play,” “next,” and “back” functions.

It’s obviously an excellent time to be a new jailbreak developer. With the iOS 6.1 jailbreak undoubtedly coming in the near future, everyone who purchased an iPhone 5 — which helped Apple achieve its recent record quarter — will have access to a multitude of tweaks via the Cydia store. Those of us that enjoyed the first “era” of jailbreaking — that of the iPod touch 2nd generation and iPhone 3G — now have newer devices, a will to bring back the jailbreak, and disposable income to spend on tweaks.

I don’t know about you, but I say bring on iOS 6.1! I want this tweak!

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