Accessory Review: Acase Superleggera PRO

2013-01-25 13_54_15-Acase iPhone 5 case - Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection case for The New iPAcase has been the manufacturer of many a product reviewed here on iFans, and today we’re bringing you the Acase Superleggera PRO.

I’ve been using this case on and off for a couple weeks now, and I have one thing to say about it: I don’t like multi-layer cases. Especially ones that are multi-layer for multi-layer’s sake. I don’t like having an extra piece of rubber that gets caught inside my jean pockets. The friction that occurs between the inner-layer edges and my pocket, for example, is rather frustrating for every day use.

Thankfully, though, that is my only gripe about this case. Otherwise, it seems to provide decent protection and adds a small amount of bulk to the iPhone 5 — which I think the device needs, honestly.

Other than the “sticky” rubber feel, the rubber seems to actually have good build quality. It’s easy to slip your iPhone into the cover and place the rubber insole in the hard plastic exterior. That said, there is a minor nuisance that comes with such a design. The rubber doesn’t exactly “snap” into place quite perfectly and requires a little bit of work to get it fit perfectly in place.

There are some positive aspects to a double-layer rubber insole design such as this, however. Unlike many cases, the Acase Superleggera PRO provides 2 small cover bits that fit inside the headphone jack and the lightning connector port. On top of that, the rubber does provide efficient access to all device ports and buttons.

Overall, the Acase Superleggera PRO for iPhone 5 is a decent case for its price point: only $19.95 on Acase’s website.

Thanks Pedro for the review sample!

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