Accessory Review: TOAST Real Wood Cover for iPhone 5

2013-01-24 16_36_35-iPhone 5

Remember the days of the skin? It used to be trendy to go to sites such as and order low-quality adhesive designs to cover your devices. Thankfully, those days are long gone. People no longer settle for residue-leaving skins that cover the design of the device — and thankfully, Apple’s hardware designs really require no cover at all.

But then came TOAST. The company doesn’t necessarily seem to intend on bringing back the adhesive skin as a popular accessory, but rather redefines the “genre” so to speak, bringing products to the market that are similar in some ways to the traditional skin. They may be similar, but TOAST has thankfully gone above and beyond to create a real wood cover for iPhone 5 — without the annoyance of a skin.

The covers themselves are available in a multitude of designs, but I happen to be reviewing the plain design-less model in the walnut variation. It’s worth restating that these covers are made of real wood, something you don’t see very often in the realm of iPhone accessories. The build quality is superb, they provide extra grip to an otherwise slippery device, and applying the cover was simple.

IPH5-WRP-01-Side3People looking for device protection need not apply. While you can buy matching wood side wraps to go with any of the above covers, even those will not provide sufficient protection against drops, dings, and the like. It goes without saying that the TOAST Real Wood Cover is not intended to keep your device safe from anything more than scratches and scuffs.

I actually received side wraps with this review unit, but I opted not to use them because they obstruct the device’s buttons more than I prefer. It’s not too much of a problem, I just personally don’t like anything getting between my fingers and my device’s buttons. The side wraps make the iPhone’s buttons flush with the cover, which makes them slightly harder to press.

A great advantage of these covers over most skins that have typically been available until recently, is that TOAST uses a certain 3M adhesive that is easily removed. You simply heat the cover with a hair dryer, and slowly pull the cover off. No residue is left behind.

With all of the above said, I still would recommend TOAST as your go-to supplier of real wood covers. They are priced around $30 and available for iPhone 5, iPad, and iPad mini on TOAST’s website. And with a large number of designs, as well as the ability to create your own, there is a little something for everyone.

Thanks Matias for the product sample!

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