This Portland Bar is Out $50,000 Due to Apple Maps


Apple Maps has cost Metrovino bar and restaurant, pictured above, over $50,000.

The negative press surrounding Apple Maps since the launch of iOS 6 has been overwhelming, to the point that Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology that recommended users utilize other mapping solutions while improvements are made. Nevertheless, the bad reports surrounding Apple Maps continue to surface. And in this case, at a hefty cost.

The latest incident comes from local Portland news affiliate KATU, which shares the story of a Portland bar owner that has lost an estimated $50,000 at his restaurant since mid-September due to iPhone mapping errors. Apple Maps mistakenly places the Metrovino bar in southwest Portland, when it’s actually located in the northwest Pearl District region. 

Metrovino owner Todd Steele estimates that, on the low end, his bar and restaurant loses between $500 and $1000 per night. Steele adds that a number of other business owners have been experiencing similar problems in the area, due to incorrect or missing mapping data in Apple Maps. Despite numerous attempts, Steele has been unable to rectify the mistake.


Apple Maps have been highly scrutinized since launching in late September.

Last year, another infamous Apple Maps error left several travelers lost in Mildura, a smaller region in Australia, after the mapping solution provided them with incorrect directions. Apple has since changed its map marker to the correct location, but that’s after one man was left stranded in 114-degree Fahrenheit (45ºC) weather for 24 hours because of the incorrect mapping data.

Apple recognizes that its new Maps application is far from perfect, but does suggest that it is a cloud-based service that will improve as it gains more usage. Google Maps also had its fair share of blemishes when it was first released, but has vastly improved since its release nearly eight years ago. Now, it serves as the benchmark for all other mapping solutions.

[KATU via Reddit]

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